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THE DAY TRADERS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE At some point in time you were first exposed to Day Trading. Maybe you read about it or saw a post somewhere that got you curious or a friend or family member was doing it. So wondering what this Day Trading thing is all about, you began to google around. […]

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A Conversation With A Struggling Day Trader.

We had a visitor in our trade room the other day that had a request… “Please tell us your story as a trader” Little did he know what he was getting into. This one simple question prompted a 1 hour discussion with him and many of the other traders in our trade room. We hit […]

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A Pro Traders Experience

We got an email a few days ago from one of our Pro Trader Program members. His story started like so many of ours have. It is so full of great details and answers to questions we get all the time, we thought we would just share it with you here. Michael C. wrote: Tony, […]

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