A Conversation With A Struggling Day Trader.

A Conversation With A Struggling Day Trader.

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We had a visitor in our trade room the other day that had a request…
“Please tell us your story as a trader”

Little did he know what he was getting into. This one simple question prompted a 1 hour discussion with him and many of the other traders in our trade room. We hit on a lot of topics that most traders never get to hear but they probably need to whether they like it or not.
After the trade room, we received emails from a few of our regular traders asking if we would make the discussion available to them to download so they could listen to it again. (we record every trading session)
We discussed some important topics about day trading that you owe it to yourself to listen to it. You don’t need to agree with everything you hear, but just listen with an open mind.

WARNING: There are no real visuals on this video to speak of. Our trade room members communicate via text chat so we zoomed into the chat box in the video to keep the conversation in context. This is a “listen and think” session like a podcast. It is not about the mechanics of day trading our system. We will cover that in other sessions. If learning about things other than how to place a winning trade is not your thing, then you’ll want to skip this.

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