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See the rate at which price moves over the course of a bar relative to a previous bar and determine when price may be getting exhausted from a strong move.



Add to any chart or time frame
Prints on the current bar in real time
DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact
Exhaustion Measurement
User select draw object, colors and sizes
Toggle on/off
Works great with the SpeedTick and Ricochet for the ultimate in overreaction/exhaustion detection.

25 reviews for Velocity

  1. SP

    I need to study this more

  2. John A

  3. Keith

    The Velocity indicator is a key indicator. Velocity is present with most of my trades, and this is a simple way to see it on the chart, without cluttering up the chart. Highly recommended!

  4. BIll

  5. John vn

    Great confluence

  6. Derek

    helps me see how strong a sudden move is

  7. Mark F

    Pretty much watch the mometer now

  8. William C

  9. ibe

    5 stars

  10. Chris


  11. Don

    Another heads-up notice!

  12. Bob R

    Not sure of the usefulness of this one.

  13. Robert S

    i like it. not crical but i like

  14. Chris M

    Love this indicator

  15. Eric I

    4 stars

  16. Alex B

    5 stars

  17. Carlton

    Good helper indicator to show market reaction occurring in realtime.

  18. John D

    5 stars

  19. Bill M

    I look for it as part of every set up I take.

  20. Graham K

    adds confluence

  21. Christopher F

    5 stars

  22. Matthias

    2 Strs

  23. Alan R

    3 stars

  24. Mark

    3 stars

  25. Michael W

    5 stars

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