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The most advanced divergence detector. See divergence from 7 different oscillators with ease.



The SuperD (or SuperDivergence) is the most advanced divergence detector we’ve ever built. This indicator calculates divergences over many oscillators (for example: the MACD, The RSI, The Ultimate Oscillator) in real-time through 1 single print on a chart. Gone are the days of cluttered charts and confusing readings, with the SuperD, it is possible to accurately see what oscillator(s) are diverging without complexity.


Add to any chart or time frame
Paints on current bar
DOES NOT REPAINT several bars after the fact

18 reviews for SuperDivergence

  1. Stephen B.

    The Super D is very simple and easy to identify – best divergence indicator I’ve ever seen.

  2. Cingolin G.

    I think is the complete indicator I have ever bought.

  3. Jeff H.

    Already made $200 on 2 CL contracts this morning – also made money on SIM yesterday.

  4. Ruth S.

    Always prompt and helpful

  5. Cedric D.

    great indicator for confirmation

  6. Chris M

    Love this indicator

  7. Eric I

    5 stars

  8. Alex B

    5 stars

  9. Carlton

    Not talked about much, but really helps with confidence to enter trade, when used in combination with other indicators.

  10. John D

    5 stars

  11. Ralph L

    1 Star

  12. Eric I

    More information, but would recommend to focus on rockstar signals

  13. Bill M

    Loved it since it was released.

  14. Christopher F

    5 stars

  15. Matthias

    2 stars

  16. Alan R

    5 stars

  17. Mark

    4 stars

  18. Michael W

    5 stars

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