Frequently Asked Questions

Our Trading Style and System

What is your win percentage?

We've been doing this exact trading system since 2009 so you might expect we'd be pretty happy with our results. I think a better question for you to ask would be "What win percentage do day traders that have experience with your program have?" As it turns out, one of our trade room members does an audit of all trades in our trade room every year since 2020.


DISCLAIMER: The results of the audit are taken from live trades in our trade room by traders that have experience trading our trade setups. If you do not practice, and possibly even if you do, you can not expect to attain these results. Never trade with money that you can not afford to lose. Trading systems are designed to help traders identify trading opportunities. Trading systems do not do the trading for the trader or make decisions for the trader. We do not recommend that you ever trade with real money but to simulation trade for a very long time. This information is presented for educational purposes only.

If I purchase a program how soon can I hope to or expect to get the same results shown for the trade room?

We get this question sometimes because people are looking for assurances and guarantees. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that you will be successful with our programs or anybody elses for that matter. And, if anybody does make guarantees, you need to be very careful with your money with those people.
Day trading is somewhat of an enigma to most people so I tend to try to use analogies to explain trading in a way that is more relatable for people. For me sports analogies work best but if you are more musically inclined, just replace the sport with playing an instrument and you will get the idea.

If I went to a golf store and asked to see the best set of clubs they had. Because they are the best I am considering buying them but first I ask the salesman "If I buy these clubs, how soon will I be able to win tournaments and then start playing professionally?" What do you suppose his answer will be? I have a feeling he would have a few questions of his own in order to be able to better answer your question.

1. Are you going to take lessons from a professional or are you planning to learn to golf watching Youtube videos?
2. How many hours a day are you going to practice or are you just planning on hitting the golf course on weekends with your buddies?
3. What other types of training tools do you intend to use and how often?
4. Do you have realistic expectations of the amount of time required to become moderately competent vs becoming a professional?
5. Will you be working on your golf when your buddies are in the clubhouse or at home enjoying themselves?

If you see where I am headed with this then you can better understand that we can only provide the best tools and training available to you. What you do with them is completely up to you. If you don't work as hard as the people in our trade room work at their trading then you probably won't have the same success rate. It's really that simple. In our Pro Trader program we teach you what to practice, how to practice, and provide tools to make your practice more efficient so you can get to your goals more quickly.

What is a Pullback Trade?

No markets move in just one direction. On a trending market, there are regular and predictable areas that the trend will stop, pullback, and then either continue or reverse. (You may also know this as a retracement) This is because a lot of traders are taking profits at predefined levels of a trend. The secret is to just know what to look for to know when the pullback is about to happen. We are the best in the world at identifying pullback opportunities.

Is There A Monthly Or Yearly Fee For Your Program

Nope! When you join us you pay one time for lifetime licenses of each indicator and service that we provide for that program. The Pro Trader program is a "one payment and done" program. There is nothing more to purchase. If you choose a different program, you may add some of our products and services that may be a subscription service that you can cancel at any time. For trading indicators your license purchase includes free updates forever.

Our Daily Trade Room

What are the Targets and Stops?

We trade for a 5 tick Target and a 7 Tick stop. Now before you scroll away and think "Oh that is not enough" let me explain. I want you to pull up a chart... ANY chart and find the trends. You will find that there are ALWAYS pullbacks within that trend. That is where we take our trades. 5 ticks can be very lucrative and once you have the skills you can trade multiple contracts. Our 7 tick stop is often managed for a smaller loss (We never make our stops larger). When the conditions of the trade change then we manage our stops and often times our losing trades are actually Break-even.

What Are The Trade Room Hours And Instruments?

The Trade room is open from 9:00am Eastern US - 12:00pm noon Eastern US. We trade the futures instruments (subject to change due to liquidity)

  • ES - S&P 500 Emini
  • RTY - Russel 2000 Emini
  • YM - Dow Emini
  • 6E - Euro Currency Futures
  • CL - Crude Oil
  • GC - Gold

Why Do You Trade Futures Instead of Stocks?

There are many reasons that futures trading has a strong advantage over trading stocks.

  • Futures are Highly Leveraged Investments
  • Future Markets are Very Liquid
  • Commissions and Execution Costs are Low
  • Reduced Exposure
  • Futures are Great for Diversification or Hedging
  • Future Markets are More Efficient and Fair
  • Futures Contracts are Basically Only Paper Investments
  • Short Selling is Very Easy
  • No Pattern Day Trader Rules
For more information on the advantages of Futures over Stock follow this link: And this one:

Do You Call Out Your Trades?

Yes, every time. As our moderator see's conditions beginning to set up, he/she will alert the room of what he is looking at and what it will take for him to take a trade on the open of the next bar.

Day Trading Education and Training Programs

What Is The "Fast Forward Training Program"?

The Fast Forward program is a set of videos and tools that teach you what and how to practice your trading. Most people believe that sim trading during live market hours is the best way to "practice" their trading. But it is extremely inefficient. If you are a good trader, you spend most of your time just sitting and waiting for the right and best opportunities to trade. The only thing you are practicing is your patience, not your trading. The Fast Forward program was designed to give you all of the tools, teach you how to use them, and give you a structure from which to participate in a trading practice program. You can practice anywhere, any time of day or night. The program was designed for people that do not have the ability to sit and day trade during live markets but would like to learn how to day trade in the evenings when they have more free time to dedicate to study.

How Long Does The Training Take?

Day Trading is a skill that is developed and honed over time. The Fast Forward program is designed to help you shorten some of the skill development time by providing a structured program and tools to practice your trading. Practice takes place using the Market Replay data in the Playback utility in NinjaTrader. This is a free utility that anybody can use whether using the free version or the paid version of NinjaTrader. If you approach trading like a professional, you will develop good practice habits that will never end. You should use what you learn in the Fast Forward program for as long as you are an active trader.

How Long Have You Had A Trade/Chat Room?

Officially our room started January 1, 2010. Unofficially we were just a group of friends that shared our screens on Skype since 2008.

How Do I Learn This If I Have A Full-Time Job During The Day

The Fast Forward program was designed specifically for you. Practicing your trading during live market hours is the least efficient way to become a successful trader. Although it is part of the learning process, paper or simulation trading during live market hours may only give you the opportunity to practice waiting and waiting for the next trade setup. In the Fast Forward program you will take advantage of the NinjaTrader Playback connection and our daily recordings of our trade room. You will learn to pinpoint many trade setups and practice them all in a short amount of time thus reducing your learning curve.

Can I Practice When The Markets Are Closed?

Yes. This practice can take place whenever you have the time to do it, even if it's in the middle of the night when the markets are slow or closed.

What If I Need Extra Help?

We're always here to help our traders. For quick questions we have email, a support desk, and online website chat. For more extensive help we have a mentoring program called the TradeRx program. See below for more about the TradeRx program.

FAQ's About The TradeRx Mentoring Program

Why would I need this program?

Because unfortunately you are human! What I mean is, we all struggle with the very things that make trading so difficult. The human elements of fear, greed, doubt, anxiety, frustration, guilt, excitement, panic, insecurity, FOMO, etc. These issues have been completely ignored by the trading education world. Sure, there are some books you can read. And the day or two after you read them you do pretty well. But the human element always creeps back in. Nothing a person has ever done in their lives, personal or professional, can prepare a person mentally or emotionally for day trading.

Who are the mentors?

You are a mentor. As well as any other trader in the program. This is a peer program where 2-3 traders form a group to support each other and help with trade analysis. You will become accountable to the other members as they will become accountable to you for the trade decisions that are made. You will critique each others trades and make suggestions on what was done right, wrong, or borderline. You and your mentors will be expected to recognize when someone's trading has gone off the rails and needs individualized help to get them back on track. Or maybe just a 2x4 to the head reminder sometimes 😉

Why is this program different from other mentoring programs?

Most mentoring programs consist of a phone call and some advice one time a week. That's not really mentoring, that's hand holding. The TradeRx program is every day, every trade, and whenever you need help or advice. Your mentors are just a mouse click away.

If I am just paper or simulation trading, would the program be good for me?

Absolutely. In fact, the first 2 exercises in the program require that you do not trade with real money. You have a lot of work to do before you are ready to trade with real money. You have some bad habits to unlearn while you are learning some good habits. Best to remove the pressure of making money on top of it.

Is there an extra cost for the TradeRx program?

For our Pro Trader (Einstein/VIP) program participants, there is no charge. For other program participants there is a monthly subscription fee. Fee depends on which program the trader is enrolled in.

How does the program work?

For a lot more information about how the program works, please visit our documentation wiki here:

Stupid(?) Questions

Ok you aren't stupid for thinking these... but let's clear some things up

Why would I need this program?

To be perfectly honest, no, it's not likely you will. If you are trusting a mentor or program teacher that tells you he makes that kind of money and that you can too, please google them and check their reviews. Make sure you use the word "scam" in your search. Many of these guys will post lots of good reviews about themselves using fictitious names and emails to try to drown out the bad reviews. We all want to believe these outlandish claims because it fits into the narrative about what we think Day Trading is, or could be for us. Don't just trust someone that's saying what you want to hear. Do your homework first.

If your system is so good, why are you selling it?

.... why don't you just trade all day to make as much money as you want to?" My first response to this would be "why does anybody teach anything?" If I have something of value that I can provide to others to help them, why not? You can find thousands (millions?) of classes online to teach you almost anything that you want to know about starting and running a particular kind of business. Why not Day Trading? I have over 20 years of experience day trading and with it I have built up a lot of knowledge and practical experience. Teaching it to others and providing tools for them is a lot of fun for me and very rewarding. It also provides me with a large group of friends to trade with in our trade room every day. Second, you need to check your assumptions about Day Trading. There is risk involved. The more you do it, the more risk you are taking on. It is a good idea in life to spread out your risk and try to minimize it as much as possible. Most successful people have more than one source of income. WARNING: If you ask that question and the answer is "Trading has been so good to me I just want to give back...." ... RUN AWAY! They're not being honest with you.

How Much Money Can I Make?

I always chuckle at this question. The assumption is that the person asking the questions believes they'll be able to jump in and make the same income as me even though I have worked so hard at it for over 20 years. My question back to you would be "How hard are you going to work and for how long each day and for how many years?" Trading is a profession NOT a get rich quick scheme. And it's not gambling either.

How long will it take to be successful?

My question back to you would be "How hard are you going to work and for how long each day and for how many years?" Trading is a profession NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is impossible to know how long it will take you to fulfill your definition of success. But, to be sure, if you use our tools and programs, you'll do it much more quickly than if you do not use them.

Can I Just Copy Your Trades?

This is a question asked most often by new traders, not traders experienced with executing trades. Yes, you can try. But unfortunately if you don't know what you are doing or why, you are not likely to get the same results. Trading is a skill that is honed from study and practice. If it was easy to follow someones trade calls, then everybody would be a successful trader, right?

Why Would I Invest In Your Software When I Can Get Free Indicators Online?

Most things that are free are usually worth about what you pay for them. Sure, they provide some good information. But how clear and concise are your trading decisions based on those indicators? Unfortunately, most indicators introduce "shades of grey" rather than just YES or NO information. Our indicators give actionable data only and leave out the shades of grey that only help to confuse you and cause you to make unclear and sometimes bad trade decisions. Also, our indicators are designed to work great either independently or better yet, as a system. The indicators, when giving confluent signals, can create great trade setups.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Charts Will This Work On?

Our Indicators will work on any chart type BUT if you want to trade like us you will have to use a time based chart (Specifically 1-minute chart) We personally think that using any other chart besides a time-based chart is a bad idea. Time based charts tell us exactly what is happening and shows us how the market is naturally moving.

Will this work on any other platforms besides NinjaTrader?

Our indicators work with NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8. We have tried in the past to develop all of this for many other trading platforms (MT4, Tradestation, Think or Swim) but those platforms have proven to be too fragile in order to run our high performance indicators. BUT you can chart with NinjaTrader for a small cost of data and place trades on your preferred platform. All you need is the charts with NinjaTrader.

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Starter Membership Program

Starter Program


The Starter Program is designed for people that just want to dip their toes in to see what this is all about. You are not really sure what you want out of trading in the long run. Maybe you are brand new to trading or have been at it a long time. You are just very tentative about trying something new so you want to proceed slowly and with caution.

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Pro Trader Membership Program

Pro Trader Program


The Pro Trader program is for the person that is ready to really get serious about their trading. You do not want Day Trading to be just your hobby. You expect to generate a regular income from it. You want the lifestyle of being your own boss living by your own rules. You are willing to put in the extra work to achieve the success that others just won't do. You are All-In and ready to get started on your new career.

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Extra Income Membership Program

Extra Income Program


The Extra Income program is for the person that wants to be a good trader but is not planning to make a career out of it any time soon. You enjoy trading but have other interests that take up a good deal of your time and keeps you from being able to do a lot of after hours work that Pro Traders will do. In your mind, it would be nice to earn your living as a day trader, but right now, its more of a hobby.

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