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Get notified when the markets are manipulated by a sudden acceleration of orders.


This indicator was another happy discovery we made as we developed the SpeedTick indicator. As we were analyzing the data that makes the SpeedTick so incredible, we also noticed a completely different set of data patterns begin to emerge that was actually unrelated to the SpeedTick data but came from the same source. This data also pointed to a high probability pullback.

Load this indicator onto your NinjaTrader 7 trading platform and see for yourself. It is truly amazing how accurate it is.


  • Add to any chart or time frame

  • Prints on the current bar in real time

  • DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact

  • Based on underlying tick chart data

  • User defined tick chart size

  • User defined tick count time period

  • User defined thresholds

  • Sound Alert

  • User select draw object, colors, and sizes

  • Toggle on/off from chart

30 reviews for Ricochet

  1. Bob R

    One of the top IT tools.

  2. SP

    Great with the Pullback Alert! Very reliable

  3. John A

  4. Keith

    The Ricochet indicator is very helpful in recognizing HFT activity, and/or a situation where the orderflow is building up for a possible reversal. Together with the PullBack Alert indicator, it adds to the confluence of events that I look for to get into

  5. BIll

  6. Mike C

    Just like the PBA. My rules call for lots of confluence. This helps greatly.

  7. John vn

    Takes some practice but great for confluence

  8. Derek

    Good for confluence

  9. Trader Joe


  10. Don

    Good supporting indicator

  11. Sam F

    Love it & use it

  12. Mark F

    Ricochet combined with pullback alert is a great setup, not very frequent but another great setup.

  13. Ibe

    5 stars

  14. Andy R

    Nice confluence

  15. Ralph L

    When I Bunt traded I liked Rico Dots

  16. Abby

    love it

  17. Robert S

    good indicator as well. i use it for confluence but i dont feel its as strong as others. Im not sure exactly what it measures

  18. Franklin Parrish

    I found it to be an excellent tool right out of the box even before training it. I certainly see why the developer named it “Ricochet” as it catches price at turning points as if price ricochets off support or resistance areas. Utilizing time and sales data in this way was nothing short of genius by the developer. It is a thinking traders tool. We don’t always know why there is a flurry of activity at certain price levels but now we have a tool to to alert us when it occurs and therefore adding confluence to our trade decisions. I can’t wait to try other fine products from Intentional Trader. Thanks bunches!!

  19. brett i.

    This is a great product. I’ve tuned it to capture the larger moves by raising the threshold. I’ll gladly reduce my trades per day for quality.

  20. Eric I

    4 stars

  21. Alex B

    4 stars

  22. Carlton

    Good confluence indicator, just not as “popular” as others.

  23. John D

    5 stars

  24. Bill M

    How do you rate these individually, Connor? I really can’t

  25. Graham K

    To add confluence

  26. Christopher F

    needs more explanation

  27. Matthias

    3 stars

  28. Alan R

    3 stars

  29. Mark

    4 stars

  30. Michael W

    5 stars

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