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The Pro Bundle!
Everything you need to be a successful day trader!  All Indicators, Unlimited Trade Room, Full Training Program, and much more. Welcome to the Family.


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Are you ready to take your trading seriously?

No more “Get rich quick” systems. No more searching for the “Holy Grail of Day Trading”. If you want to be successful with your trading then you have to approach it like a career. You have to work hard at it. That being said, having the best tools and services make the process much faster and more efficient. That is what you are getting with the Einstein bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to become a successful day trader (You just have to put in the time and effort!). This system is tuned specifically for futures trading on the NinjaTrader platform. But the indicators will work for forex, stocks, (anything with good data).

We offer the most powerful indicators on the NinjaTrader platform. Here is a quick list of all of the market conditions you will be able to see with the full suite of indicators:

  • Speedtick: When the Big Boys are manipulating the markets.
  • SuperDivergence: When price and momentum disagree. 7 Different Oscillators read.
  • First Touch Reset: Support/Resistance levels with relative strength level
  • Mometer: When a trend is becoming exhausted with momentum.
  • Overbought/Oversold aka OBOS: When potential buyers/sellers have become exhausted.
  • Velocity: When the velocity of price changes more, and/or more quickly, than in previous (user-definable) bars on the chart.
  • Pullback Alert: Reads every tick to determine when the most important type of volume is controlling the current bar.
  • Ricochet: Measures a rapid acceleration of the speed at which trades are being processed.
  • ROCKSTAR: Combination of Speedtick, SuperDivergence, and OBOS. This confluence leads to many powerful trade setups
  • More Indicators: Even more indicators to make visualizing trades and qualifying trades easier

Oh is that not enough for you? Here are some features you get with our Pro Trader Program:

  • Trade room: Monday-Friday with live calls on trade setups (Via microphone)
  • Fast Forward Training: Training program for our trading system. How to use NinjaTrader, how to use market replay, etc…
  • Ah Ha Moments: Weekly mentoring from our head trader. How to approach trading with a realistic mindset and how to set goals for your trading career.
  • Future indicators/service FREE: That’s right. Once you are in our Pro Trader Program you won’t pay for our new indicators or services. Once you’re in the family you get the goods.
  • TradeRx Mentoring Program: A peer mentoring program to make sure you are accountable for your trading decisions and staying on the right path to success.
  • Remote support: Need some help with tech support? NinjaTrader giving you some problems? We will log onto your computer and fix you up!
  • Essential add-on Suite: Supercharge your NinjaTrader. Rollover in one click, set priority to NinjaTrader over other tasks (less crashes), change backgrounds with ease, and much more.
  • Replay Data Downloader: Downloading data was once a tedious process. Not anymore, Download weeks of data in just a few clicks!


Starter Program

  • RockStar
  • Velocity
  • NRS Zone
  • OTS
  • Mometer
  • MacDiver
  • Flash
  • PullBack Alert
  • SpeedTick
  • OBOS
  • SuperD
  • Ricochet
  • First Touch Reset
  • Climactic Volume
  • Wickspercent
  • All Future Indicators
  • Unlimited Trade Room for 3 weeks
  • Fast Forward Training
  • TradeRx Mentoring
  • NinjaTrader Essential AddOn's
  • Priority Support Services

Extra Income

  • RockStar
  • Velocity
  • NRS Zone
  • OTS
  • Mometer
  • MacDiver
  • Flash
  • PullBack Alert
  • SpeedTick
  • OBOS
  • SuperD
  • Ricochet
  • First Touch Reset
  • Climactic Volume
  • Wickspercent
  • All Future Indicators
  • Unlimited Trade Room for 2 Months
  • Fast Forward Training
  • TradeRx Mentoring
  • NinjaTrader Essential AddOn's
  • Priority Support Services

50 reviews for Pro Trader Program

  1. James W.

    Nothing beats head-up indicators for Intentional trading. The support to get everything operational on a new platform could not be beat. THANKS Intentional Trader!

  2. Graham K.

    I like the confluence of the extra indicators.

  3. Timothy A.

    What I have seen so far is very awesome. I believe the new indicators will give me some great advantages in the future markets. I think this is something all day traders should have.

  4. Stig B.

    I Just bought the VIP and within a very short time a mail and a invite to get help with the install of the indicators Thanks

  5. Tyrone T.

    Great membership, especially the “one time purchase and done”. Training, support, staff, trade room and the NT8 indicators are all top notch.

    Yes, I would recommend.

  6. Eric

    A very smart and versatile bundle.

  7. Michael W

    I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to learn the secret of successful trading, guess what? It dosen’t exist. The Intentional Trader is the closest I’ve found and with commitment and hard with success is reachable.

  8. RALPH L

  9. John A

    I love the Pro Trader pkg…So glad I joined, best thing I did to invest in myself in order to learn to be a better and successful trader….
    Besides the amount of learning videos and explanations of Tonys indicators and methodology,,, to me the best part is the recorded daily trades he places for that day…..
    The PT program records these and you can replay and actualy re-review the trade over and over and why it was placed.. Tony narrates as he places the trade and explains why he did it… To me this really ties in with his methodology and allows you to re-practice the many trades he placed that day.. very good stuff..

  10. Eric

    A very smart and versatile bundle.

  11. Bob R

    For those who want everything and don’t want to miss any opportunities. Good value.

  12. Don S

    Great Value

  13. Peter Oswald

    I am not a full time trader, so getting the ins and outs of the setups still.

    I will be trading with the indicators daily for 2 hrs a day. The overall experience with IT has been excellent, your training videos, trade rm, explanation of the indicators and their purpose. Also assistance setting up is excellent.

  14. Mark F

    Excellent value. Tony provides ongoing instruction all year plus free trade room for life and all indicators, whats not to like?

  15. Horace F.

    I ran into some issues with the installation but the support group is there to smooth things out. I requested for a remote support session and I’m up and running. The Pro Trader Program is the way to go if you’re serious about trading. There is a wealth of information which covers all aspects of trading, from planning, practice materials and tools, trade setups, indicator information and much more. I’m a full-time employee and haven’t been in the Trade Room. But that can come later. You need to hone your skills first before you actually get into the “ring”. That’s what I like about The Intentional Trader. The challenge for me right now is to find how much time I can devote to learning and practicing and absorbing the materials. I’m so grateful for stumbling into this. I’ve been searching for something like this and I guess my search is finally over. For the ratings, I am giving it an EXCELLENT. However I usually mark it a rank lower because I believe that there’s always room for improvement. Thank you Tony and the rest of the group. This is the best. I’m looking forward to be at my best.

  16. Matthias

  17. John vn

    Get this from the beginning. The value grows the more you have it. Definitely no second thoughts with this package. OK – I’m biased because I’m consistently winning with this method.

  18. Bill M

    Everything that Intentional Trader offers with lifetime updates of the indicators, the fast forward program, the trade room, and the absolutely INVALUABLE Aha sessions. The Pro Trader Aha sessions are a weekly training session on the most important parts of trading… the other 80%, the mechanics of running a trading business, the psychology of trading, and among many other things, Tony’s Golden C’s of trading – Consistency, Confidence, Conditioning, Capital Preservation, and more.

  19. Sheldon

    Don’t know where to begin. The folks at IT provide the best tools to make me a successful trader for the first time ever. However, if you also add the Pro Trader Program you will get never ending help to bring you up to speed. Priority support, Trade Room Videos, Fast Forward, AhHa sessions and more. Everything you would need to become as proficient as you are willing to put the time into to meet your goals. Included in each AhHa session is Tony’s view on the psychology of trading. And by the way, you also get all the new indicators for no additional charge.

  20. Mark

  21. Carlton

    The indicators are the best, and simplest, I have seen. The real value is when you choose the Pro Trader Program, you don’t need to think about future costs of subscriptions.

  22. John A

  23. Christopher F

  24. Abby

    You guys rock!

  25. Don L.

    I have bought a lot of systems and trade rooms. The International Trader is by far the best I have bought. It is my HOLY GRAIL. Thank you for being real Tony.

  26. Mike

    So worth it, even if just for the Ah-Ha sessions. Priority support, trade report and videos are a huge help.

  27. Will C

  28. Robert S

    its great. i havent been to the trade room lately but i will start coming again soon. i like listening to tony talk. His advise sticks with me and helps me turn things around when i start to run off the rails. Great mentor. the whole package was a great value.

  29. Derek

    The Intentional Trader has all the tools a trader needs, no matter how experienced they are or think they are, it is all available to us. I personally like the Ahha moments, it helps to hear Tony’s struggles to become a professional trader, and how he addressed those problems. I’m in the Pro Trader Program, and it’s reassuring to know anything I need, is a quick email away.

    Thanks guys, you’re the best.

  30. Alexander Bergsten

    The FF program and pullback indicators was a great start, but all the extra things included in the Pro Trader Program makes it the deal everyone trading this system should gravitate to imho.

  31. Ibe

  32. Don

    Buy it! It’s the whole enchilada.

  33. Keith

    I just signed up for the Pro Trader Program last month, after purchasing the indicator package. So far it is one of the best decisions I have made. The full suite of indicators, group mentoring, and the Fast Forward program are included, and I can already say the Fast Forward program has already made a huge difference in my skill level as a trader. There is a lot of emphasis on learning how to approach trading as a business, and that is refreshing. Looking forward to the group mentoring, and learning how to transition into being a full time trader.

  34. Trader Joe

    Very Good

  35. Charles Gregson

    So far I’m still in the training videos and watching recorded trade room sessions as I’m in the very busy season of my “traditional career” but I’m really enjoying the training. Tony and all the staff are very good at teaching how their system is set up and how it operates. I can’t wait to get to where I feel proficient enough from my practice to start live trading in the trade room. But I am dedicated to Tony’s premise of practice and practice some more to be great at this. Thanks so much all of you for this great program.

  36. Laura Knaack

    Trade Room Suite 6.0 teaches you PATIENCE! I love the fact that the indicators show up in REAL TIME, not after the fact. Also, there’s no need to clutter up your charts with a million things because these indicators have all of the important data built right in. Again, patience is the key. Wait for those indicators to show up, follow the rules regarding those indicators and they will work most of the time. I would recommend the Pro Trader Program for sure.

  37. Elizabeth Russell

    I’ve only had it for a few days but it’s great.

  38. Ralph L

    Even though I no longer active in the trade room I have never regretted buying the Pro Trader Program. Having the full indicator suite along with the training and mind set I learned changed my trading completely. I know that trend trading is considered a four letter word at IT which is why I’m not active in the room much any more, but the skills and mind set I learned have made me a much more successful trader. My biggest endorsement for IT is that I have had a couple of friends ask me about how to get started trading. I tell them one thing only. Contact The Intentional Trader, buy the whole package, and learn in the trade room. A year later they will know enough to decide how they want to proceed as a trader.

  39. Graham K

    Daily videos, Trade Set Up Report, data downloader and Fast Forward Program are really useful.

  40. Dave

    The Pro Trader Program is the real deal. To put it simply, If you want to learn how to trade successfully get the Pro Trader Program.

  41. Alan R

  42. eric

    Great value as it provides the system indicators, as well as teaching how to trade. The second portion applies to all systems and is generally not taught very well. Tony addresses many absolutely critical aspects.

  43. john D

    what sold me is lifetime upgrades at no add cost – very customer focused -thank you! for the indicators and the rest -it’s the documentation on each plus the basic trade set ups and the rest of the resources -that set you guys apart

  44. Dan Speering

    Just purchased the Pro Trader Program and the welcoming response has been great.

  45. Mark H

    After 5+ years of chasing my dream of being a full time trader, taking many courses and trying too many systems I can now say that I have found my new home and family of traders that have the same goal of becoming a profitable and consistent trader. In my opinion the Pro Trader Program has been the best investment I have made in my trading journey.

  46. jorge m.

    I just bought it two days ago but having been involved in other trading rooms and using other indicators I can say that the room is very professional and the indicators are precise as far as one knows that not every time they show up is a trading opportunity. I am using them in conjunction with other set ups and are working well. But the most important point for me has been your trading philosophy where you accept that every trader is unique with unique circumstances and that you believe in practice, practice, practice as I think this is a mind sport and you need to train yourself.

  47. Alexander B

    The 1 time purchase to get everything is a real pressure reliever.

  48. jose carlos dias marques junior

    I’ve been trading it for 10 years now

  49. Steve Onions

    The indicator purchase process went smoothly and it was easy to integrate into Ninja trader. The indicators work well and easily configured for each trading instrument. The real plus is the trade room access which makes one feel that you are not alone and trading with a whole bunch of pleasant “like minded individuals”, all with the same or similar trading mission and rules. The only resources and videos are plentiful and of great assistance.

  50. Andy R

    Best investment I have made hands down

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