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  • Rockstar
  • Mometer
  • NRS Zone
  • Velocity 
  • Colored MA
  • Bar Timer
  • OTS (open/target/stop visual display)


This bundle comes with some great indicators to get started with our system! The RockStar is a combination of our HUD (Heads-Up-Display) indicators:
SpeedTick (Identify “Smart Money” or mechanical market manipulations)
SuperD (Identify when price and momentum no longer agree with each other)
OBOS (Identify when price is likely to become exhausted)
(*the rockstar is a combination of those indicators and you will not receive those individual indicators with this bundle)

When paired with the Mometer and NRS zone you can start taking some great trades! With some time spent in the trade room you will learn how to use your indicators in the best way possible.

So if you are wanting to dip your toes into what we do here or you would like to add some powerful indicators to your personal trading system, then this smartstart bundle is perfect for you

1 review for SmartStart

  1. L.G.

    I am very happy that I started with the SmartStart! It gave me some good insight to how they trade and they even gave me some extra trade room time in order to continue studying. Did not take long for me to upgrade to Einstein. But I never would have had that confidence if I didnt start with this bundle

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