Licensing, Downloads, Installation

Get our high-powered indicators on your machine in no time with these steps!

STEP 1: License

Send us your Machine ID via our Licensing Form Below

STEP 2: Download

Please choose the platform below and download your purchased indicators.
*If you download indicators you did not purchase they will not work.

Pro Trader, Extra Income, and Starter Program participants
We have prepared an installer application for each of the programs we offer to our traders. If you purchased one of the programs below, you can download the installer and then double click on it to install your indicators, workspaces, and chart templates similar to the ones we use in the trade room.
Installer for Pro Trader Program: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Installer for Extra Income Program: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Installer for Starter Program: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Ninjatrader 8 Individual DownloadsPlease note: These links below are compatible for Ninjatrader 8 only. Do not unzip these files. Import them directly into NinjaTrader.

STEP 3: Install Indicators

  • Step 3.1: Download the files onto a separate folder on your PC. Name it “IT” or any name in order to identify our indicators later on.
  • Step 3.2: Open Ninjatrader and click on “File” —> “Utilities” –> “Import NinjaScript”
  • Step 3.3: Navigate to the place where you saved the indicators
  • Step 3.4: Double click on the first indicator that needs to be install.
  • Step 3.5: A message should popup confirming the success of the installation of the indicator.
  • Step 3.6: Repeat for all other indicators.
Video Example Using NinjaTrader 7 (Works for NT8 as well)

Having Trouble? We are happy to help! Just shoot us an email and we will respond ASAP

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