Frequently Asked Questions 2

Lack of Confidence? Unable to manage emotions? Fear, Greed, FOMO? Inability to focus? Markets are against you? Lack of patience? No trade plan? Lack of discipline? Overtrading? Unable to accept losses? Over excited about wins?

“Not Good” with computers? Too much to know? Big guys have unfair advantage? Too many options? Too much information? Missing just one small piece of the puzzle? Internet speed? Computer power? Too many technical indicators?

No structured program to follow? Too much theory, not enough actionable information? Lessons do not match up to reality? Information Overload?

Our Trading Style and System

What is your win percentage?

We've been doing this exact trading system since 2010 so you might expect we'd be pretty happy with our results. I think a better question for you to ask would be "What win percentage do day traders that have experience with your program have?" As it turns out, one of our trade room members did an audit of all trades in our trade room for the entire year of 2020.

  • 1232 Trades
  • Approximately 250 Trading Days
  • 3 hours per day
  • 4.93 Trades per Trading Session
  • 1.65 Trades per Hour
  • 5 Ticks per winning trade
  • Average 5 ticks per losing trade
  • Fees and Commissions deducted from totals
I would happily report the results to you here, but our relationship with NinjaTrader as a member of the NinjaTrader ecosystem prohibits us from posting the impressive results of this audit. We will, however, be happy to direct the information to you if you contact us at [email protected] and request to see the 2020 audit results.

DISCLAIMER: The results of the audit are taken from live trades in our trade room by traders that have experience trading our trade setups. If you do not practice, and possibly even if you do, you can not expect to attain these results. Never trade with money that you can not afford to lose. Trading systems are designed to help traders identify trading opportunities. Trading systems do not do the trading for the trader or make decisions for the trader. We do not recommend that you ever trade with real money but to simulation trade for a very long time. This information is presented for educational purposes only.

What is a Pullback Trade?

No markets move in just one direction. On a trending market, there are regular and predictable areas that the trend will stop, pullback, and then either continue or reverse. (You may also know this as a retracement) This is because a lot of traders are taking profits at predefined levels of a trend. The secret is to just know what to look for to know when the pullback is about to happen. We are the best in the world at identifying pullback opportunities.

Is There A Monthly Or Yearly Fee For Your Program

Nope! When you join us you pay one time for lifetime licenses of each indicator and service that we provide for that program. The Pro Trader program is a "one payment and done" program. There is nothing more to purchase. If you choose a different program, you may add some of our products and services that may be a subscription service that you can cancel at any time. For trading indicators your license purchase includes free updates forever.

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