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The Intentional Trader Team

Who's running the Intentional Trader? Meet the team!

Tony Peterson - Founder & CEO

Tony Peterson is the lifeblood of the Intentional Trader. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Tony is not your traditional definition of af trading ‘guru’, in fact for 20 years he was a residential remodelling contractor, a profession completely unrelated to trading. However, when he was bitten by the trading bug in 2000 he was determined to trade profitably and for a living. After many years of struggling and shedding his blood, sweat and tears he applied a simple yet powerful concept – treat trading as a business. Armed with this new application to trading, he completely revamped his approach and now has been trading profitably for a living for the past 7 years. He is a strong believer in clean and simple trading and this is reflected in his “HUD” style indicators.

Tony can be contacted on: .

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Lisa Encisco - Sales Manager

Lisa considers herself to be one of the lucky ones. Back in May 2011, she realized she needed much better tools and guidance after only 6 weeks of day trading. “The Intentional Trader (IT) had the precision that I was looking for in indicators and easy to see setups. At IT, they also view mastery of trading as a process, which resonated with how I felt it should be approached, and even better, they’re there to help at every step.” Lisa joined the TradeRx Mentoring Program to further refine her skills and to develop Trade and Business Plans. “It is absolutely essential to have clear rules to follow. There were times that I didn’t follow my rules, and those were the times that I would take a beating. By having solid trade rules, I could see exactly what I did wrong, and work to improve every day to the point that a particular challenge would no longer even be an obstacle.” Lisa has gone on to become a mentor herself and has helped many other struggling traders.

Lisa has diverse interests ranging from playing ice hockey to studying South Asian classical music. Day trading has been a way for her to pursue her many hobbies. She also has degrees in engineering, international management, and the humanities, all of which has given her a unique perspective which has made her a valuable asset to IT. “I enjoy working with people and seeing firsthand how the IT approach makes a huge positive impact on their trading. There are many exciting things ahead at The Intentional Trader, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!”

Lisa can be contacted on:


Praveen Muthu - Technical Services Director

Praveen manages all of the backend technology for The Intentional Trader to ensure that everything runs effortlessly and efficiently with both IT and client services. He also assists clients with indicator installations as well as making sure that new traders are comfortable with their trading platforms and are ready for trading. He joined the Intentional Trader in June 2010 after struggling with Forex trading, and was finally able to propel his trading career forward. An avid lover of economics, financial markets and technology, he found that The Intentional Trader was the only trade room which actually catered to people who wanted to make their living at trading and reformed them to do so. After months of practice, he started to trade profitably and has been profitable since mid 2011, an achievement of which he is extremely proud.

As a recent university graduate, he is building his trading practice and wants to spread the word of The Intentional Trader, a significant alternative to being stuck in the treacherous workforce caused by the Global Financial Crisis. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Praveen can be contacted at:


Amanda Durdin - Operations Support

Amanda supports our day-to-day operations. Her responsibilities include sales support, data organization, project planning, social media management, and video development. She enjoys using her skills for problem solving and developing new ideas and strategies. When she's not working with us, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Danny, and their children, Cole and Grace. She and her family currently reside in the great state of Texas, just outside Houston. The family enjoys participating in local community theater and cycling, and they are avid football fans.

Amanda can be contacted at:


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